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Book Review: Unboxed by Non Pratt


I read this sad, yet heartwarming and emotive book from sparkly cover to cover.  It made me pang for my own lost teenage/YA friendships.  It was an emotional, honest read that was both tearful and uplifting in the end.  I loved it!

This story is about a group of dispersed best friends, who reconnect 5 years later to fulfil the dying wish of their friend, Millie by retrieving a time capsule that they’d hidden at school when they were 13 after their best summer ever. They each had to read a letter that they’d written to their future selves out loud. This raw and emotional experience rekindled their friendships as they realised that the truth they revealed about themselves didn’t affect how they felt about one another but actually strengthened their bond.

The characters were well developed and easy to identify with making this a brilliant read.

This book is well worth reading and deserves a 5 star rating.